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What is Intent Data

The future of B2B lead generation is buyer intent data.
87% of pre-purchase research is done online

When businesses have pain points they will look for solutions by visiting websites, reading articles and case studies, downloading whitepapers, attending webinars etc – this research activity leaves digital footprints as they consume content across the internet.


B2B intent data collects these digital footprints and identifies which businesses are actively researching products or services relating to your business – signaling buying intent. Intent data indicates when a business is consuming content on a topic relating to your business significantly more than usual.

Businesses using buyer intent data are able to reach buyers much earlier in the buying cycle, helping guide the decision-making process before a competitor even knows about their prospect’s interest. Buyer intent data represents a huge opportunity for forward-thinking companies.

How is Intent Data collected?
Intent Data comes from buyer intent signals.

Account Lead Intent Scores

Once account leads have been identified, new leads are scored based on:

All business lead results and scores are updated on a weekly basis to allow our customers to act on them quickly – we’ve found weekly results to be the optimal blend of actionable and accurate data for sales and marketing.
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Intent Based B2B leads with verified contact details – reach your target accounts before your competition does