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How do you use intent data?

The main use cases for sales and marketing teams using intent data include:

This increases ROI and allows for
personalized customer journeys across

We gather intent data when your customers research across multiple channels:

Focus, Engage & Scale

Focus, Engage & Scale

Your business with regular sales pipeline of new business leads

BDM/SDR’s no longer

BDM/SDR’s no longer

have to focus on a long list of target accounts or marketing leads

A highly targeted list

A highly targeted list

A highly targeted list and approach to prioritise accounts and personalise messages to drive sales pipeline

Account-based Targeting

Organizations can translate intent data into identification, allowing salespeople to call accounts with increased levels of interest

Account Management

Monitoring intent data allows for more effective upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Field Marketing

Intent data gives signals so teams can geo-target accounts.

Content Creation

Build hyper-personalised messaging into websites, social posts, and emails. Focus your content strategy around your best-fit customer segments.

Credited to Bombora

Intent Based B2B leads with verified contact details – reach your target accounts before your competition does